At BrightStream TV we are all about Empowering Educators. We do this by creating engaging, informative and entertaining courses in the following categories.

Audio & Video

Audio and video are the hottest things in eLearning development. Get more out of your training with media that inspires, educates and entertains. If you are not taking advantage of this very engaging media type, then you and your learners are missing out.

Digital Publishing

The advent of the tablet has dramatically changed the world of publishing. Browse our Digital Publishing courses to learn how to take advantage of this exciting new technology and truly engage your learners.


Remote learning is not always easy but it doesn't have to be difficult to create engaging content. We have courses that will help you become a better eLearning developer no matter what type of eLearning courses you create.

Instructional Design

Better instruction through analytics and planning. Learn how to ensure that the eLearning courses you construct will not only engage your learner, but properly prepare them with the knowledge that they need.