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Adobe Captivate 9: Using States

You have the basics of Captivate 9 down - now it’s time to take your development to the next level. Adobe Captivate 9 now offers eLearning developers the ability to create engaging interactions by leveraging object states. With states you can rapidly create reveal interactions, sophisticated drag and drops and even interactive video.   In [...]

Creating Custom Characters for eLearning

Looking to customize your eLearning content with your own characters? Finding the default and available character sets too limited or just not the right fit? Then this course is definitely for you. William Everhart will show you exactly how to create your own custom characters for eLearning development applications such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. [...]

Adobe Captivate 9 : Responsive

Josh Cavalier demonstrates how to use the new Responsive Design features of Captivate 9. Topics in this course include: Development Considerations Project Planning Responsive Interface Building Out Pages Publishing Like every course at BrightStream TV, student files are included absolutely FREE. You can download these from the button above and use them to follow along [...]

Adobe Captivate 9: Sprint

Get a hands on look at the NEW Adobe Captivate 9 in this sprint course. Josh Cavalier will take you through the basics of creating a new Captivate project with this latest edition of the software. Create engaging, interactive and mobile-ready eLearning modules in no time with Adobe's premiere eLearning development tool. Course Topics Include: [...]

Adobe Captivate 8 level 1 part 6

Learners want to be educated but in an entertaining or engaging manner. Creating a balance between education and entertainment with your training materials is difficult at best. One way to enhance your training is through the use of variables and actions. Educational concepts like gamification and customized learning are based on the use of actions and variables. In this continuation course, [...]

Adobe Captivate 8 level 1 part 5

Rich media such as Audio and Video plays a very important role in helping a learner understand the information being delivered. Humans are wired to respond to both auditory and visual inputs and nothing triggers a response more than audio and video. In this continuation course, Josh Cavalier walks you through the process of incorporating both audio [...]

Adobe Captivate 8 level 1 part 4

How do you test the knowledge transfer of your eLearning projects? With a Quiz of course. Challenge and engage your learner with an informal quiz presented as a game that reaffirms what he/she has just learned. Or, incorporate a graded quiz to evaluate not only your learner's knowledge but also the effectiveness of your training. In [...]

Adobe Captivate 8 level 1 part 3

Learning a new computer application can be challenging. Teaching someone how to use software can be even more challenging. How do you effectively demonstrate the proper use of an application? The go to method is to record your screen while demonstrating the software. In this course, Josh Cavalier will walk you through the entire process [...]

Adobe Captivate 8 level 1 part 2

Adding interactivity to your eLearning content helps engage your learners by giving them some control over how they consume your content. Imagine giving your learner the ability to control the timing of the knowledge being delivered. Or, extending the amount of information you can deliver on a single slide by incorporating rollover effects. In this second Captivate [...]

Adobe Captivate 8 level 1 part 1

In this foundations course you will learn everything you need to know to get started with Captivate 8. Josh Cavalier will walk you through a basic Captivate workflow from navigating the interface to publishing options. His easy to understand yet informative style, will have you up to speed with Captivate 8 in just 2.5 hours. Drawing on his many years [...]