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Adobe Illustrator CC for eLearning

Looking for custom graphics to use in your next eLearning project? Having a time trying to find the right graphics from your stock catalog? Why not go beyond simple shapes and lines to create compelling graphics that will make your projects stand out and keep your learners engaged. Adobe Illustrator is used by many to [...]

Introduction to Micro-Video

Using micro-video for e-learning has the potential to raise the level of student engagement by reducing the amount of time dedicated to training. The mobile-based nature of micro-video allows for easy production by subject matter experts and distribution through corporate digital curation platforms. Microvideo can be categorized into various increments of time, with each providing [...]

Creating Characters for eLearning with Adobe Illustrator CC

Personalize your eLearning courses with your custom illustrated characters. Sounds like an easy task right? Unfortunately, there is no tool specifically designed for the task and applications like Storyline and Captivate offer little in the way of character selection. In this course, William Everhart will demonstrate how to use Adobe Illustrator to create your very [...]

Adobe Captivate 9: Using States

You have the basics of Captivate 9 down - now it’s time to take your development to the next level. Adobe Captivate 9 now offers eLearning developers the ability to create engaging interactions by leveraging object states. With states you can rapidly create reveal interactions, sophisticated drag and drops and even interactive video.   In [...]

Articulate Storyline 2: Variables

Are you ready to create an awesome custom game? How about a scenario based course that tracks the learner's progress? By leveraging the power of variables, you will be able to build sophisticated user experiences, customize course content based on user role, and even have learners earn badges for course gamification. In this intermediate level [...]

Articulate Storyline 2: Layers and States

You have the basics of Articulate Storyline 2 down - now it’s time to take your development to the next level. Storyline 2 offers eLearning developers the ability to create engaging interactions that holds learners attention, and the key to building these interactions is understanding the function of layers and states. In this intermediate level [...]

Lectora Publisher 12: Sprint

Follow along with Josh Cavalier as he starts you on your journey with creating eLearning courses with Lectora Publisher. In this Sprint course you will learn how to navigate the Lectora Publisher interface and understand the structure behind creating eLearning courses with this very powerful application. You will take part in creating a simple course [...]

Creating Custom Characters for eLearning

Looking to customize your eLearning content with your own characters? Finding the default and available character sets too limited or just not the right fit? Then this course is definitely for you. William Everhart will show you exactly how to create your own custom characters for eLearning development applications such as Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate. [...]

Articulate Storyline 2: Sprint

This fast paced course will take you through all of the steps to create an eLearning course with Storyline 2. This is a hands-on training course complete with exercise files that you can follow along with. So if you are new to Storyline or if you have used it in the past but want to [...]

Adobe Captivate 9 : Responsive

Josh Cavalier demonstrates how to use the new Responsive Design features of Captivate 9. Topics in this course include: Development Considerations Project Planning Responsive Interface Building Out Pages Publishing Like every course at BrightStream TV, student files are included absolutely FREE. You can download these from the button above and use them to follow along [...]