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Adobe Illustrator CC for eLearning

Looking for custom graphics to use in your next eLearning project? Having a time trying to find the right graphics from your stock catalog? Why not go beyond simple shapes and lines to create compelling graphics that will make your projects stand out and keep your learners engaged. Adobe Illustrator is used by many to [...]

Creating Characters for eLearning with Adobe Illustrator CC

Personalize your eLearning courses with your custom illustrated characters. Sounds like an easy task right? Unfortunately, there is no tool specifically designed for the task and applications like Storyline and Captivate offer little in the way of character selection. In this course, William Everhart will demonstrate how to use Adobe Illustrator to create your very [...]

Adobe Illustrator: Sprint

Adobe Illustrator is a vector drawing and illustration application used to create graphics for print, web, mobile, animation and video. In this Sprint course, William Everhart will take you through an entire project from start to finish teaching you how to best implement the many