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Adobe Photoshop CC: Sprint

Most everyone has heard of Photoshop. It touches every market at every level. You cannot escape the influence of its reach. If there is imagery involved, it is a safe bet that Photoshop was there to make it happen. Surprisingly though, only a small percentage of people actually know how use Adobe Photoshop correctly. The [...]

Adobe InDesign CC: Publishing eBooks

Need a student handbook to compliment that awesome eLearning course you just created? How about an digital newsletter or catalog of all of your courses? Maybe you are finally ready to write the next best selling novel. Odds are that whatever long document you create it is going to be consumed on a digital device. [...]

Adobe InDesign: Sprint

Whether you are creating business reports, project proposals, magazine articles or you are finally writing your memoirs Adobe InDesign has got you covered. This premier publishing application has grown into more than just a desktop publishing tool. Go beyond the desktop to mobile and web development with interactive content. In this "Sprint" course, William Everhart will [...]