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Adobe Photoshop CC: Sprint

Most everyone has heard of Photoshop. It touches every market at every level. You cannot escape the influence of its reach. If there is imagery involved, it is a safe bet that Photoshop was there to make it happen. Surprisingly though, only a small percentage of people actually know how use Adobe Photoshop correctly. The [...]

Adobe Photoshop CC: Compositing

Looking to merge multiple photos together to create a scene? Need to add branding to stock photography? Want to inject some creativity into your next E-Learning project? Don’t have days or weeks to figure it out on your own? In this 1 hour course you will learn to do all of this and more using [...]

Snagit Fundamentals

Screen capture is an invaluable operation when it comes to sharing your screen contents with others. TechSmith's Snagit is a lightweight yet very powerful tool for capturing both images and video of your screen. Use it to share content with colleagues in a review cycle. Or give very clear instructions with images taken from your [...]