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iSpring Presenter 8.1: Sprint

Coming Soon Sponsored by iSpring Solutions Get iSpring Now iSpring Suite 8 Sprint with Josh Cavalier on BrightStream See how to convert your PowerPoint presentations to complete eLearning courses with iSpring Suite 8. In this sprint course, Josh Cavalier will take you through the basics of creating a new iSpring 8 project with this latest [...]

Interactive Video for eLearning

Coming Soon Are you ready to make your video more engaging? Most of the video content consumed by learners is linear and static other than basic video playback controls. The challenge for eLearning developers is to move video content beyond the traditional linear experience and incorporate engaging interactions. In this session, Josh Cavalier will show [...]

Adobe Captivate 9 : Badges & Gamification

Coming Soon Gamification of courses is a popular way to raise student engagement levels. Adobe Captivate 9 allows you to create badges and other gamification functions by leveraging Advanced Actions and Variables. Show progress, keep track of scores, and even play custom media elements in your next Captivate 9 project! In this advanced level course [...]